Kyrenia Harbour in North Cyprus

Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Besparmak Mountains, Kyrenia Harbour is a truly inspiring place that excites the senses. A multitude of yachts and fishing vessels rest on the calm harbour waters, enclosed on their landward side by an array of historic buildings that capture the timeless beauty of this Northern Cyprus town. If you're looking for a place that exudes old-world Mediterranean charm mixed with a touch of modern sophistication, Kyrenia Harbour is where you'll find it.

By day, Kyrenia Harbour is a place for relaxation and contemplation. Restaurants and cafes line the water, welcoming guests to partake in a Turkish coffee or to sample their fine local cuisine. You may even find yourself invited for a game of Tavli (backgammon) by the locals at one of the many open-air cafes.

For the more adventurous, Kyrenia harbour offers access to one of the most majestic castles in Cyprus - Kyrenia Castle. Originally constructed to defend the town from the Arab Raids in medieval times, Kyrenia Castle stands guard over the town at the harbour entrance. It is surrounded by a moat and offers an insight into centuries of Cypriot history that extends all the way back to Roman times.

Come nightfall, Kyrenia Harbour takes on a new guise. The harbour buzzes to the sound of locals and tourists enjoying the numerous restaurants that surround the harbour. Together with the dulcet tones of local musicians, the aromas that waft along on the gentle night breeze make for an intoxicating atmosphere that is never forgotten.