Beauty of Northern Cyprus

Surrounded by the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, North Cyprus is a paradise island that delights and captivates all that visit her shores. Tranquil sandy beaches, dramatic mountainscapes and historic monuments await in a land where the welcome is as warm as its legendary climate.

North Cyprus is famed for its uncrowded beaches. Long stretches of fine sand hug the coastline for miles at a time, interspersed only by the occasional rocky headland. The beaches offer endless opportunities to find a place to relax and to soak up more than 300 days of warm Mediterranean sunshine - perfect if you're looking to go home with a tan.

If exploration is more your style, the serene beauty of North Cyprus won't disappoint. Why not revel in the cool mountain air atop the pine-clad Fivefinger Mountains, or discover the archaeological footprints of ancient civilisations? What you find will leave you breathless!

At sundown, the island's beauty is undimmed. From the fishing villages that dot the coastline to the island's delightful harbour towns, North Cyprus exudes an authentic charm that truly endears it to the heart. There are romantic walks to be enjoyed in the warm night air and fine restaurants in which exquisite local cuisine may be sampled. A multitude of open-air entertainment too offers visitors the opportunity to experience an atmosphere like nowhere else on Earth.

North Cyprus truly is a Mediterranean Utopia that touches hearts and minds. If you're looking for a vacation from which to take away some very special memories, North Cyprus is the place to come to.